Zyppah Rx Reviews: Does It Work?

by Denise Wagner on April 30, 2013

Hi there! I suppose you’re looking for an ultimate solution to your snoring problem otherwise you wouldn’t have landed on this page. If you’re considering Zyppah Rx then here you’ll find everything you need to know about the product, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, plus real user reviews to help you determine if it could actually put an end to your snoring.

What Is Zyppah Rx?

According to its official website, Zyppah Rx is an anti-snoring device designed by the world’s leading snoring expert after a decade of extensive research to provide snorers an instant solution to snoring. It is designed by a dentist, cleared by the FDA, and is a proud product of the USA. The makers promise that you will experience relief from the very first night of using it.

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, the creator of Zyppah Rx received his bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering from Syracuse University and his Dental degree from New York University. He has practiced dentistry for over 30 years, 10 of which were focused entirely on snoring and sleep apnea.

How Does It Work?

While most anti-snoring devices use 1 solution, Zyppah Rx uses 2 features to solve your snoring problem – mandibular repositioning and tongue retaining element. Mandibular repositioning means advancing the lower jaw slightly forward to partially open the air passage. The process both improves airflow and reduces the snoring sound. This technique is used by many other anti-snoring mouthpieces, however Zyppah Rx is a lot different since it has another feature that supposedly ensures its efficiency.

When your tongue relaxes as you sleep, it falls back particularly when you are sleeping on your back and blocks the air passage. Apparently, to address this issue, Zyppah Rx uses a tongue retaining element called Z-Flex technology which keeps your tongue from falling back causing airway obstruction. This patent-pending elastic holds and stabilizes your tongue without inflicting the gag reflex.

Combining both features – mandibular repositioning and tongue retaining element, doubles your chance to reduce snoring.

Who Can Use Zyppah Rx?

This anti-snoring mouthpiece is indicated for individuals 18 years or older who wish to find relief from snoring. The product is also intended for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Many mouthpieces intended for snorers are not designed for those with sleep apnea. Additionally, this oral device is only delivered by an authorized Zyppah Rx dentist or physician.

How To Maintain The Device?

It is recommended to replace the device every 6 to 9 months depending on its wear and tear. For those who grind their teeth while sleeping, they may need to replace the mouthpiece more frequently.

To properly maintain the device, use cool water and mild soap to clean it every morning after each use and before storing. Rinse it thoroughly each time to remove soap residue. About once a week, it is also recommended to soak it for an hour in water and effervescent Denture cleaning tablets. Never use household cleaning products to clean it.


  • FDA Cleared. You can be sure that the product is made of materials that are not health hazards, and that it is effective for delivering its purpose.
  • Comfortable to use. It has a self-molding feature for ultimate teeth and gum comfort. It does not shift your teeth.
  • Ensures efficiency. Uses 2 technology – mandibular repositioning and tongue retaining element, which provide you more chances of reducing snoring
  • Cost-effective solution. It is relatively inexpensive compared to surgery and other snoring solutions or devices.


  • No known side effects were reported by users but as with any other oral devices it does take time getting used to wearing it when you sleep.

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Bob May 1, 2013

Great looking device, it certainly looks a lot better than the cpac machine a friend uses


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