Memory Foam Pillow: The Top Three

by Denise Wagner on August 9, 2013


Rank #1 Visco Memory Contour Pillow

This contoured-shaped pillow with high density pressure relieving memory foam is a product of Nature’s Sleep. It is designed with two covers for increased longevity. The inner cover is hand wrapped in 100% natural cotton while its washable cover is luxuriously soft, smooth, and allergen resistant cotton/poly (80/20) velour. This contour pillow is best for those who sleep on their back and sides. This type of pillow is available in small and large sizes.

Users love the comfort it provides even for first time users. Many individuals who have allergic reactions to standard pillows are also happy to find that  do not sneeze or get puffy eyed upon wakening.

The best available deal for Visco Memory Contour Pillow can be obtained from Nature’s Sleep’s official website.

Side-by-side Comparison


Brand NameComfortSafetyPriceRating
Visco Memory Contour Pillow
Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow
Z® Dough Memory Foam Pillow


Visco Memory Contour Pillow is on top of our list for exceeding the feature, comfort, and safety criteria. Its creator, Nature’s Sleep is a company renowned for manufacturing pillows made exclusively with memory foams that have been independently certified as safe by CertiPUR-US laboratories which means the products are safe for you and the environment as they meet strict guidelines for performance, content, indoor emissions, and environmental impact. This pillow is ergonomically contoured for proper head and neck alignment. It is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and dust-mite resistant. No harmful chemicals are used in the product thus any off gassing is almost non-existent – just a normal, harmless smell from the new foam manufacturing process which dissipates in a very short time.

The Best Place To Buy

To try Nature’s Sleep Visco Memory Contour Pillow, I recommend getting the product directly from the official website where you can get the best possible deal. If you buy elsewhere, you will pay for the pillow’s retail cost plus the shipping and handling fees. If you get it from the official site, shipping and handling is free and you can take advantage of the 3-year limited warranty.

Coverage of the warranty includes deterioration in the cell structure of the material that causes the pillow to not return to its original shape and any physical flaw in the material to split or crack despite your normal use and proper handling.

Click Here To Try Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Pillow And Take Advantage Of The 3-Year Limited Warranty From The Safe And Official Website

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