Mandibular Advancement Device: The Best Exposed

by Denise Wagner on August 2, 2013

Rank #1 SnoreRx

The top mandibular advancement device on our list is no other than SnoreRx for several reasons. First, this multi-featured, FDA-cleared device is actually certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It is also the only product so far that has exceeded the standards of Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Compared to all other competitions, this unit has what it takes to deliver optimum efficiency and comfort. It allows precise calibration in 1mm increments, calibration, and full air flow through the mouth among many others to ensure user’s maximum comfort. It also lets you adjusts the settings anytime so you can get the perfect fit.

SnoreRx does not have any hardware that most stop snoring mouthpieces have. That means, it does not have screws, nuts, bolts, springs that can put pressure in the user’s jaw and teeth resulting to jaw soreness and chipped or broken teeth. SnoreRx is receiving a lot of positive reviews and is deemed efficient, comfortable, and easy to use. Although as with other devices it requires adjustment period, it usually lasts for only a couple of days.

Side-by-side Comparison

Brand NameFeaturesEfficiencyComfortUser RatingRecommended Place
to Buy the Product
SnoreRx Buy SnoreRx
Zquiet Buy Zquiet
Vital Sleep Buy Vital Sleep
Snore Guard Buy Snore Guard
Puresleep Buy Puresleep


Our list of the best mandibular advancement devices is based on features, efficiency, comfort, and user ratings. It is clear based on these criteria that SnoreRx outshines the rest. You may refer to our full review on SnoreRx for more details on its features, benefits, and what actual users are saying about it to understand why this brand is on the top of our list.

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