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by Denise Wagner on January 4, 2013

Hello there! You’re on the right page if you’re looking for Happy Nappers reviews. The subject may not be what this blog is typically about but since it’s a popular play and napping companion for children, I decided to make my own review here. Besides, if in case you’re dealing with kids who have trouble going to sleep, this may be a great solution and you can then get your own restful night’s sleep. So let’s figure out if this product is any good or worth your money. (Updated for 2013)

What are Happy Nappers?

Happy Nappers are a collection of double-duty play pillows which apparently transforms from house-shaped pillow into cuddly stuffed animal and vice versa. Each reversible pillow which is 21 inches tall has a door on the front and a battery-powered doorbell that makes a sound when you ring it. You’re  supposed to hear the sleeping animal inside it and when the door opens, the cuddly Happy Napper friend comes out.

While the product is supposedly ideal for kids ages three and up, it is apparently a hit with younger and older kids who find the play pillow cute and cuddly. In addition, I found out that it’s also a hit with adults as they enjoy giving Happy Nappers as gifts not only because kids love them but also because a portion of Happy Nappers’ proceeds will be given to the Home Sweet Home fund benefiting the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

Types Of Happy Nappers

The Happy Nappers you can collect are the following types:

  • Bungalow to Ladybug
  • Dog House to Dog
  • Palace to Unicorn
  • Castle to Dragon
  • Igloo to Penguin
  • Hut to Monkey
  • Cottage to Kitty
  • Barn to Cow

How the product works?

When the play pillow is on its home mode, you simply ring the doorbell located next to the door which when pressed will allow you to hear the animal’s sleeping or snoring sound. By unzipping the door and pulling out the stuffed animal inside, you can tuck the home into the animal’s back and zip it up. It can then be played with just like any other stuffed toy. When you’re done playing it, you can convert it back to home by unzipping the back of the stuffed animal, pulling out the home to tuck the animal back inside. Kids will apparently enjoy the easy transformation, the sleepy sounds, and the cuddly stuffed friend.


  • Appealing to children of all ages
  • Various stuffed animals to choose from
  • Double-duty – pillow and a stuffed toy at the same time

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