Is Snore Guard as Good as They Say?

by Denise Wagner on January 16, 2013

Hi there! If you’re wondering if  Snore Guard can potentially put an end to your snoring problems, then you’ve come to the right page. This review will help you determine whether it’s wise to take a chance on this product or wiser to look at other alternatives. (Updated for 2013)

What is Snore Guard?

Snore Guard is an oral device designed to stop snoring. Like custom athletic mouth guards, the product has an inner lining that is softened by heat during the fitting process. It has no wires or elastic bands compared to other anti-snoring devices. It has no multiple pieces as it is a one-piece design that’s supposed to fit individual’s needs. Snore Guard has been used in the United States through dental offices and physicians since 1989. It is apparently clinically proven and is only professionally fitted by a dentist if you’re in the U.S. If you’re in Canada, however, you can purchase and fit the product yourself. According to their official website, up to 99% of Snore Guard users report reduced snoring.

How the product supposedly works

The fitting process requires you to visit your dentist. It does not involve laboratory work, X-rays, or drugs, though. Your dentist is only supposed to prepare the oral device by placing it in a hot water to make it become pliable. After three minutes and letting it slightly cool, the mouthpiece will be placed into your mouth so you can bite into the thermoplastic for a custom fit. After about 30 seconds it will be removed and the excess thermoplastic will be trimmed and smoothed so that it would fit your mouth properly and comfortably.This anti-snoring mouthpiece aligns your jaw in a comfortable forward position so the jaw and tongue do not drop back into the throat which leads to restricted air passage. By keeping the airway open, the snoring is greatly reduced.


  • Helps stop snoring
  • Proven safe as it has been around and used through health professionals for over two decades
  • Quick, simple, and easy to fit (although if you’re in US, a dentist will have to fit it for you)
  • Easy to maintain – cleaning and storing is as easy as maintaining dentures or other oral devices.

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