Good Morning Snore Solution Review: Does It Really Work?

by Denise Wagner on October 10, 2013

While the more popular anti-snoring mouthpieces are jaw retainers or oral devices designed according to mandibular repositioning technique, tongue retainers are getting more and more well-liked particularly by individuals who cannot stand the discomfort associated with using jaw retaining mouthpieces. Here you’ll learn about Good Morning Snore Solution, discover its advantages and disadvantages, know what actual users are saying, and find out if it’s your best option to stop your snoring.

What Is Good Morning Snore Solution?

Good Morning Snore Solution by far, is the most accepted tongue retainer developed by sleep researchers to treat snoring supposedly due the comfortable and efficient way it solves your snoring problem. It is registered with Health Canada, ARTG, and European Commision as a Class 1 medical device available over the counter for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. It is also registered with the FDA as a class II medical device available by prescription for the treatment of snoring.

How Does It Work?

Whereas jaw holding mouthpieces work by slightly repositioning your jaw while you sleep, Good Morning Snore Solution employs tongue displacement technology to gently and comfortably stop you from snoring. The small device attaches to the tip of your tongue through a sucking mechanism and gently keeps your tongue in a steady and forward position so it does not fall back into the throat and cause air obstruction which results to the vibration in the soft tissue responsible for the snoring sound. Compared to mandibular advancement devices, this tongue retainer is apparently way more comfortable to use and works extremely well for most people. Good Morning Snore Solution does not require fitting and does not need to fill your entire mouth so your jaw is relaxed and never placed under a lot of strain.


  • Safe. The device has been licensed and approved by reputable regulatory bodies including FDA, Health Canada, Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration, and European Commission among others. It is backed by clinical studies and is made of BPA-free materials. There is no need to worry about teeth, bite, face, or jaw issues.
  • Can be worn with dentures. Jaw retaining devices cannot be used by people wearing dentures, Good Morning Snore solution, however, was developed with endentulous individuals in mind. You can wear it with or without dentures.
  • Comfortable. Compared to mandibular repositioning devices, Good Morning Snore Solution is a lot more comfortable to wear. You do not have to deal with the usual effects associated to wearing jaw retainers such as jaw or facial pain. You also have no need to worry about developing dental problems.
  • Working life. Lifespan is roughly 1 year or more depending on your personal use and care of the device.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Should you later decide it is not your best bet, your purchase is protected by a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Adjustment period. As with any other stop snoring devices, it may take a couple of days to get accustomed to wearing the tongue retainer. You may experience excessive salivation or a tender tongue. These effects are, however, temporary and will resolve themselves with continued use.
  • Breathing through your nose. It requires you to normally breathe through your nose. If you have chronic nasal congestion, blockage, or sinusitis, this mouthpiece is not for you.

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