Four Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

by Denise Wagner on January 22, 2013

While some people can easily doze off in no time and can sleep through anything, sleep does not come easy for many people. If you have trouble falling asleep at night and have been religiously counting sheep to no avail, try the following techniques before considering taking sleeping aids to help you prepare yourself to bed and fall asleep easy.

#1 Avoid exercise

While it is often thought that a good workout prior to bedtime will get you tired and help you fall asleep, the opposite actually happens. Vigorous workout within three hours leading to bedtime stimulates your heart, brain, and muscles making it difficult for your body to wind down. Maintaining a regular exercise, however, is a simple strategy that is proven to improve the quality and duration of your sleep. Studies have shown that those who perform regular exercise have better sleep quality over those who sporadically work out and do not exercise at all.

Both sleep and exercise play vital roles for overall health but proper timing should be executed. If exercising in the mornings is not applicable to your lifestyle just make sure you have finished working out three hours before you plan to head off to bed. Apart from exercise, other activities like watching TV, working on the computer, and all other activities that can increase alertness should also be limited.

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