Does PureSleep Work? We Have the Truth

by Denise Wagner on January 23, 2013

Final Verdict and a Better Alternative

It appears that the product actually works but based on general consensus, customers would have been more satisfied if the quality was better. On that account, I’m afraid it’s not a product I can confidently recommend.

I would, however, suggest another anti-snoring device worth looking into and that is SnoreRx. We did an article on the top 5 anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market and the winner was SnoreRx. Unlike PureSleep, SnoreRx is high quality and transparent when it comes to the materials used for their device and they are FDA cleared as well. It is easier to use and does not have any set-up involved.

For more details about this product including real user feedback, you may want to check our SnoreRx review here.

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